Asana Workshop




Tuesday 13th December

Image by Eugene Golovesov

About the Course

This workshop is perfect for anyone starting their Yoga journey, in need of a refresh or as an antidote for those who simply want to learn more.

It will be a 2 hour session, 90 of which will be focused on the content and 30 minutes dedicated for any questions/answers.

The content will allow you to have a more in-depth understanding of Yoga postures, so that you can practice them with confidence. As you cultivate and increase your body awareness, harmony arrives to bring in the healing and therapeutic aspects of Yoga.

Aside from learning a range of postures and sequences, you will know how to use breath to regulate and control your emotions and mood; how to invite more meditative qualities into your movement and have a taste of Yoga's much wider philosophical and spiritual implications as they provide invaluable meaning into our modern lives.

Ultimately though, the main outcome will be that you have a solid basis for your asana practice:

you will know how to backbend safely, fold forward effectively, carry out techniques with control that are required in transitions and how to understand your anatomy.

This will mean your practice will very much end up being YOUR practice.

Testimonials from past courses/workshops I've ran:

We joined the 4 week beginner’s course and we only have great things to say about it. It is an eye opener. We have both done some yoga on and off over the years, and we wish we would have done this one years ago. There were so many “aha moments” where you realise that you have rushed and pushed yourselves through movements and flows and not always to any benefit. Here you get the basics right. It is inspirational and a course for everyone. Rob is one of the best yoga teachers we have had. He is humble, attentive and makes everyone comfortable and at ease. WE recommend it highly.

I attended this course, after years of attending yoga classes sporadically. I always felt a little bit clueless and self conscious in classes, assuming I needed to be very flexible to keep up. Robbie brought us through the key components of yoga so well each week. He taught us how to engage in yoga classes at our pace, the way our body allows it. The sessions were so enjoyable and no stress at all. I looked forward to it every Monday. I've attended yoga classes since and feel so much more relaxed and confident in what my body allows me to do. Yoga classes are so much more enjoyable for me now. I can now really get into the flow, thanks to Robbie!